Hot Pictures of Pin-Up Queen Rita Hayworth



One of the top pin-up models, Rita helped American troops around the world and maybe some French ones, too.


In 1939 poolside wearing a one-piece bathing suit. She was 20 years old in this rare photo.


Enjoying a laugh in between takes on the movie set with another dancer.


Rita Hayworth in fishnet stockings. This is another very elegant pose which shows off her svelte figure and long dancing legs.


In green evening dress for Mojud stockings print ad


Flirty pin-up set in sheer black stockings

Pearl Dress

Pearls of Great Price Adorn Rita Hayworth to Raise Money for Relief Effort (LIFE, Aug. 24, 1940)

Rita Hayworth stood in the dressing room of Town House in Los Angeles on August 12 while two fitters from Magnin’s department store carefully unrolled a dress of pearls down over her lovely young body.

The sultry movie starlet was lending herself to the cause of War Relief and incidentally–but not very incidentally–to the uses of the Imperial Pearl Syndicate. To publicize its precious wares the Syndicate had fashioned a pearl dress in New York, another in Los Angeles.

The New York dress was made of 50,000 culture pearls and was valued at $75,000. The Los Angeles dress was strung with 80,000 pearls, 102 of them real, and was valued at $250,000.

No pearl, of course, was of as great price as beautiful Miss Hayworth who was so weighted down by the 30-lb. dress that she had to shuffle around at the party where she and the dress were publicly displayed.

Everywhere she went she was followed by a girl from Magnin’s who picked up loose pearls as they dropped from her dress. After a nationwide tour the dress will be auctioned off–in whole or in parts–for the Red Cross and other War Relief charities.

Black Stockings


Rita Hayworth putting on black stockings with holes. This sexy photo with her legs in the air must have been taken before she got married. It may be the most provocative picture ever taken of the Love Goddess.


Pal Joey Shower Scene

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